The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind is a 2019 Netflix Originals movie based on the 2009 memoir
of William Kamkwamba. The movie follows the life of William, a Malawian teenager who was
able to solve a drought problem in his village.


Clip #1

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  • Categories: Macroeconomics, microeconomics
  • Concepts: Human capital, opportunity cost, fiscal policy, fiscal multiplier
  • Background: William is excited to go to school. However, he learns that his father, Trywell, is struggling with school fee payments.
  • Question 1: Which factor of production is William contributing to? Use the Solow model and its production function to explain the relationship between this factor of production and the country’s output.
  • Question 2: Trywell tries to save money for school tuition. What is the opportunity cost of sending William to school?
  • Question 3: Should the Malawian government pay all pupils’ school fees? Using the fiscal multiplier, explain why some countries spend money on education programs.

Clip #2