Snabba Cash Clip #2

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  • Categorie: Microeconomics
  • Concepts: Normal good.
  • Background: Leya explains to her son, Sami, that when she becomes more prosperous, she’ll be able to afford more things for him.
  • Question: Based on the discussion between Leya and her son, what type of goods are kids’ cars and amusement park visits?

Cowboy Bebop Clip #5

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  • Concepts: Normal goods.
  • Background: Even though Jet doesn’t seem to know what bidets are made for, he describes them as addictive and therapeutic. Jet likes bidets but does not have the income to buy some. However, he said he would purchase two of them when he gets enough money.
  • Question: Based on Jet’s description, what type of goods are bidets?